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All HYIP monitors in only one place

There are many and varied HYIP and HYIP monitors, some are very trusted and some are just a fake. We have two main aims. One is the union of all the HYIP monitors in one place. The second one includes advanced HYIP investigation with many additional parameters, like IP, hosting provider, numbers and quality of HYIP monitors, whois, etc.

Some HYIP programs may leave only good status seals on their sites and remove or forge bad once. With our site you may check all HYIP monitors of any HYIP. Also some HYIP monitors may accept 'special monitor' plans, may promote SCAM. That is why we have monitor ranking.

Hope that you will find our project to be useful. The site is now being updated, some of the links might be wrong but will be fixed soon!

Last added
23% Hourly For 6 Hours,32% Hourly For 6 Hours,44% Hourly For 6 Hours0 hoursPaying(1)
Bitcoins King
10% - 12% Hourly for 12 hours, 9% - 10% Hourly for 36 hours0 hoursPaying(2)
10% - 12% - 15% daily for 100 Days3 hoursWaiting(3)
Medical Technologies
0.15% - 0.30% Daily for 150 Days + Principal Return3 hoursWaiting(5)
Variants3 hoursWaiting(2)
Last Votes
May, 6 22:25
Xiaomi Rebecca ->

paying .................... check here this site this is running come on admin change status sorry i am not admin
Apr, 10 18:50
Mariusz Fujak ->

Scammm scammm zlodzieje!!!!
Apr, 7 16:23
Naveed Anjum ->

scam scam.... deposit transferred but active deposit is still 00.
Apr, 4 8:53
Akpan Ukana Ntuen ->

$1.45 has been successfully sent to your BITCOIN account 1HLc1G59JLSTZwdJMdfbJssJqMDWbcLx6d. Transaction batch is CWBD2YRC6L259FOR7VMVVNYGX5. EarningHour
Mar, 31 5:44
Олег Сиряк ->

НЕт вывода в кошельке
Mar, 31 1:09
Sorin Nechifor ->

closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar, 29 13:07
John Belic ->

Received Payment 0.5 USD from account U13936420 to account U11322494. Batch: 170587851. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Usdhyip from OilFunds Ltd. Date & Time : 29.03.17
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